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MetalPandora's Profile Picture

:bulletblue:Who are you?:bulletblue:
just a regular person who loves art and video games way too much

:bulletblue:What program/media do you use to draw?:bulletblue:
For digital works, I Use Adobe Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Intuos4 medium tablet for almost all of my art.
For traditional, I use 0.5mm mechanical pencils, Sakura Micron pens, and Prismacolor pencils.

:bulletblue:Do you take requests?:bulletblue:
no. i consider suggestions sometimes, but its rare

:bulletblue:How about an art trade?:bulletblue:
im not currently taking art trades through DA anymore, sorry :[

:bulletblue:Do you take commissions?:bulletblue:
yup, info is HERE

:bulletblue:Will you be my friend?:bulletblue:
...that's really not how friendship works. You are welcome to chat with me anytime though!

:bulletblue:Can I draw your characters?:bulletblue:
Of course! I adore any and all gift art I receive! :heart:
however, please do not depict my characters in sexual or fetish-related scenarios! thats just awkward for everyone lol

Stamp love! :heart:
:star:Asha Stamp by StarStelpa:star:Hortensia Stamp by 4everbacon:star:
Requests No by LumiResources
so i've opened commissions because i've been struggling financially, but even though i've been asked many times to open them again, i haven't gotten many takers.

i was thinking about trying a 'your character here' auction (even tho my last art auction got one bidder lmao), but i guess i'd like to know if these interest people here? for those that don't know what a ych auction is, it's basically a pre-posed art auction. a basic sketch is done and the winning bid has the sketch turned into a finished pic of a character of their choice. i probably don't have many active watchers left but i'd still like to hear your opinions!


Com: Fay Taur by MetalPandora
Com: Fay Taur
'nother commission for dragonheart07

+Character belongs to Nintendo
+Art belongs to me
+Please do not edit, trace, recolor, repost, or otherwise use this artwork without my permission.
Com: Cecilia by MetalPandora
Com: Cecilia
commission for Raspinbel2 c:

+Character belongs to Raspinbel2
+Art belongs to me
+Please do not edit, trace, recolor, repost, or otherwise use this artwork without my permission.
did i take a wrong turn somewhere why do i have a feed WHAT IS HAPPENING
You may feel a slight pinch.. by MetalPandora
You may feel a slight pinch..
a year ago, my friend asked me to draw a pinup-style nurse so she could make t-shirts for her and her fellow student nurses. i only recently remembered and finished this lmao. i tried
their class has the greatest slogan tho: "student nurses: if there's a hole, we'll fill it; if not, we'll make one!"

+Art belongs to me
+Please do not edit, trace, recolor, repost, or otherwise use this artwork without my permission.
wwhat by MetalPandora
look out its homestuck

+Characters belong to Andrew Hussie
+Art belongs to me
+Please do not edit, trace, recolor, repost, or otherwise use this artwork without my permission.

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Snowballflo Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the Persiantoons company in Iran actually liked your artwork enough to use it in advertisement, i was surprised to see your work on TV…
(1 Reply)
CyberKyberDarkness Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey Metal :)
Umm...i think someone reposted your art  :(…
(1 Reply)
Meadowind Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Is this… your art? I saw your name on it but could not find the picture in your gallery.
(1 Reply)
Terra :blushes: I took your advice and I got an Intuos tablet. I do have a question about your drawing, I've seen your Let's Draw videos, and your lineart is perfect all the time. Do you use a special brush, or is it pure talent? Or something? 
(1 Reply)
AuraLight Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014   Artist
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Shadowblade463 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Student Artist
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TheBamas Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
hehe lucky you got fan I haven't :(
FancySmancy-adopts Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ive been such a fan of your art for a really long time.
i had actually found your artwork on youtube or photobucket being recolored years ago.. and made me very upset, because i dislike recoloring and editing etc.. and i remember you had this thing on your youtube about people who did that.
but i first joined deviantart on my neko-russia account and i believe you were one of the very first artists i had watched especially because i was extremely into the sonic fandom and also anime and things.
but i just wanted to let you know i have always been inspired by your artwork and your style and that i looked at your page once again, unable to afford a commission XD but just seeing your artwork and how beautiful it is and it reminded me when i was younger i saw your art for the first time and your videos and it gave me more motivation to draw characters like rouge and princess sally, even make my own seedrian characters. i had drawn your character hortensia before and it was a small sketch and i was not as experienced and i would love to draw her again <3
thank you for always being such in inspiration in my life pandora :)
(2 Replies)
Bashiis Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are my idol. ♥ ñ.ñ
(1 Reply)
AnnaBellaRya Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey MetalPandora, I was wondering, you know your Rouge redraw pic? I wanted to ask you if I could recolor it for my OC Krystal. If I could, I'll give you full credit for the original picture! And I'll put a link for the original. If I could, amazing. BTW the original is extraordinary. :happybounce:
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